3 Qualities Singer-Songwriters Look for in a Vocal Coach

vocal coach in Nashville

Hello everybody, and especially you singer-songwriters! Here is a new post from Nashville vocal coach and Green Hills Guitar Studio instructor, Jaime Babbitt.

It is full of love, non-judgement, compassion, empathy and NO PITY! That’s right, it’s time to own it! If you are a singer-songwriter, you know it’s important to work with a vocal instructor that not only understands the mechanics and ins-and-outs of the human voice, but also gets what it means to be a writer, performer and artist developing a style and a voice in many senses of the word.

Whew! Multi-tasking, minefield management skills and psychology. Do you have the right vocal coach for you? Here is my own personal experience as a student of Jaime’s. You can read Jaime’s “3 Qualities Singer-Songwriters Look for in A Vocal Coach,” here. If you are a singer-songwriter looking for a vocal instructor that gets singer-songwriters, you can contact Jaime here:



Happy guitar-ing!





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