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Beginning Blues & Rock Guitar 2 Workshop

Target the “right notes” at the right time

We will pick up right where Beginning Blues & Rock Guitar 1 left off.

You will learn how to play melodic fills and lead licks that are based on chord shapes. If you know and understand what notes are in the chords, you can learn how to target the “right notes” at the right time as the chords go by.

Now, we will start expanding the chord knowledge, chord inversions up the guitar neck. We will also be adding to the scales we learned in Beginning Blues & Rock Guitar 1. Now you will be able to move freely up and down the guitar neck in any key!

Also, if you can “see” how the chord shapes overlay with the major pentatonic, minor pentatonic and blues scales, you will have a much better understanding of why your favorite guitar players make the choices they make in their playing. Just memorizing guitar licks won’t cut it in the long run. Making a visual connection with the guitar neck, the chords and the scales COMBINED with improved ear training make for a potent combination!

This is a really important part of playing both rhythm and lead guitar. For the solo guitarist, this approach is necessary to mix up playing straight rhythm guitar with guitar licks, turn arounds and even solos. It can really make what your are playing much more exciting and dimensional. This is a great way, and a very musical approach, when you are frustrated when trying to improvise and it feels like you are just playing a pattern and shape that is too “scale-y.”

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Mr. Steve Jordan

Steve Jordan explaining The Rock AND the Roll!

We will also cover:

  • More blues turnarounds
  • Moving between the pentatonic scales
  • The “B.B. Box”
  • Dominant 7ths & 9ths to play in any key
  • Targeting chord tones within the blues progression
  • Finding chords on the 6th & 5th strings
  • Learning the note names and frets across the guitar neck
  • Useful arpeggios to use in your solos
  • Sliding rhythms
  • Ear training, playing by ear and figuring out songs and also knowing where to start jamming
  • The “spread fingering” for rhythm guitar- Chuck Berry and early Blues Rock
  • How to accompany a singer or soloist
  • Combining the major & minor pentatonic scales
  • Variations on the 12 bar blues form
  • The box shuffle
  • How to start improvising and constructing your own guitar solos
  • New bending techniques – pre bending, half, full and one and a half step bends
  • Classic blues “call and response” technique, allowing you to play a simple blues rhythm, and then create fill licks in-between the rhythm phrases
  • Muddy Waters Delta/Chicago style blues guitar
  • Howlin’ Wolf & Buddy Guy walking bass style lines
  • Going deeper into the use of rhythmic devices – the rock AND the roll!
  • Into to open tunings and slide guitar
  • Major & minor key blues chord progressions, scales and licks
  • Combining lead & rhythm guitar
  • Useful blues licks that you can apply to other songs and transpose to different parts of the guitar neck and to other keys
  • Playing guitar and jamming with others: being an effective and musical rhythm and lead guitarist in a band or duo setting