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Music Theory 3 Workshop

August 3 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm CDT

What chords are in the key? How do you create, or play over chord progressions? Which chords work together? We will get you to a place of knowing and understanding their FUNCTION!!

The next step is putting it all together! You will leave the workshop knowing how the major scale is constructed, keys and key signature, how to build the foundational chords/triads and what chords are in what keys and why. Why does chord placement and choice define sections of songs, like the bridge or chorus?

Along with studying keys, harmony, melody, we will:

  • Look at numerous songs and chord progressions
  • Study Nashville Number System charts
  • Practice writing your own Nashville Number Charts
  • Learn how to construct Dominant 7 & Major 7 chords
  • Extended chord construction
  • Modulations and tonicizations
  • Expanding beyond the major scale – exploring the modes and other tonal centers
  • Borrowed chords
  • Secondary dominant chords
  • Counterpoint
  • Re-harmonizing a melody
  • Chord inversions
  • Understanding and utilizing tension and resolve

Learn more about the Music Theory 3 Workshop, here.

332 White Bridge Pike
Nashville, TN 37209 United States