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Patrick Atwater, Bass Instructor

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Patrick Atwater Bass instructor

Learn from professional musician Patrick Atwater. Whether you’ve never picked up a bass before, you’re a professional looking to brush up on your skills, or you’re looking to switch from upright to electric, Patrick’s student-led lessons put your musical goals first.

Patrick specializes in

  • electric bass guitar
  • upright bass
  • guitar

“Listening is the key to everything good in music.” – Pat Metheny


Born and raised in Atlanta, GA., Patrick Atwater began his music career while a student at the University of Georgia. After working as a bassist and songwriter in the vibrant music scene of Athens, GA. for several years, Patrick relocated to Northern Colorado to earn a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies at The University of Northern Colorado. While in Colorado, Patrick would become a member of the vibrant Colorado music scene while performing in groups such as The Cairn Project in 2015.

Patrick’s musical journey would next bring him to the Nashville area where he earned a Master of Music degree from MTSU in 2017.  Patrick has become a sought after bassist in many styles of music including Jazz, Folk, Rock, Funk, Country, & Classical. Patrick regularly leads his own jazz ensemble that features his original compositions as well as original arrangements of popular songs.

Early musical influences:

With the familiar sounds of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” fresh in the young Patrick’s ears, he once asked his mother, “Mom, how many years of college does it take to become a country music star?” to which his mother keenly replied, “at least four!”

Although the young want-to-be country star’s ambitions were never realized, Patrick’s life would be centered around music from that point forward. And yes he did pursue “at least four” years of college in music and earned a Bachelor of music from the University of Northern Colorado in 2014, and a Master of Music from Middle Tennessee State University in 2017.

In addition to country music, Patrick grew up absorbing as many different kinds of music as possible and cites artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, & Cannonball Adderley as early music influences.

Areas of study:

Although studying an instrument does require time and diligence to develop dexterity & technique, the ultimate goal is to create MUSIC and I strive to keep this goal at the forefront of our studies.

Electric Bass Technique – The electric bass is an extremely important instrument to most kinds of popular music. Although the bass is not as flashy and in the forefront as a lead guitar might be, it is truly the foundation of the sound and it supports all the other instruments that are sonically above it.

By studying electric bass, you can develop the following musical skills:

  • Good sense of rhythm (groove)
  • Harmonic movement (bass lines)
  • Right Hand dexterity (fingerstyle, plucking, & slapping techniques)
  • Left Hand dexterity (melodies, scales, patterns)
  • Ear training (learning songs from the record)

Double Bass Technique- The double bass (aka upright bass, standup bass, acoustic bass, bass fiddle) is the predecessor to the electric bass. Although it is rooted in classical music, it is also the foundation of many different kinds of music including jazz, bluegrass, folk & country.

Although the double bass is similar to the electric bass, it requires an entirely different skill set including the following techniques:

  • Intonation (no frets!) – this is great for ear training
  • Using the bow – common in classical music but has many applications in other music
  • Left and Right hand technique: Proper technique is needed to avoid potential injury and unnecessary muscle strain

Through the students guided study of one (or both!) of the instruments above, we will strive to further their general musical knowledge in areas such as:

  • Learning & understanding the structure of popular songs
  • Music History
  • Active Listening skills
  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting (write your own bass lines!)
  • Music Notation (Traditional & Number charts)
  • Music business basics (how to get a gig & keep it!)


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