Drum Lessons

take drum lessons in nashville from Nate Felty

Students who take drum lessons with Nate Felty at Green Hills Guitar Studio in Nashville will learn all the mechanics of drumming with a healthy dose of theory and professional musicianship mixed in. Whether you’ve never held a drumstick before or you’re a professional touring musician, Nate’s musical experience can help you improve your practice and get you playing the songs you like to hear.

Drumming lessons areas of study

  • Beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels of drum instruction for all ages
  • Pop, rock/blues, country, jazz, soul, gospel/worship, Latin, and world styles
  • Reading and writing drum set notation
  • Preparation for concerts, recitals, or music school auditions
  • Sight reading, listening, and transcription
  • Improvisation within musical styles
  • Song and repertoire development
  • Hand and foot technique and mechanics
  • Rudiments and groove exercises
  • Four-limb hand and foot coordination
  • Recording and arranging guidance