Online Guitar Quarantine Crash Course Class w Sam Farkas


Use this 6-week crash course to improve your guitar skills. Perfect for those who have taken a few lessons but need some brushing up.


Class day and time: Starts Sept. 6th, Sunday, 4:00-5:00 pm CT 

Cost: $180 (plus fees) for 6 weeks

Number of Spots: 10

Stuck at home? We get it. Invest your spare time in advancing your guitar skills.

Each meeting will be recorded and converted to an mp4 movie so if you miss a session or review, you can catch up with the group. Please make time to come to each of the sessions, as that will give you the ability to ask questions. 

PDFs and music will be provided prior to each class via email. The class will be organized into different sections every week and move at a comfortable pace such that everyone is accommodated, while covering the provided material within each class period. Questions are highly encouraged during class, and I will explain and demonstrate everything we cover in real time.  

This course is designed for guitar players that have some experience, but haven’t had the time, energy, or resources for musical growth. Maybe you’ve taken a lesson or two in the past but you’ve put your guitar down for a while, or maybe you feel lost after haphazardly perusing an endless stream of YouTube videos or guitar tab websites. I’ve complied a curriculum that is focused, linear, and song-based — the goal is to kickstart your guitar playing and establish a solid foundation that you can build upon. 

Tops covered include:

  • Fundamentals of good technique
  • How to learn songs
  • How to practice
  • How to build a repertoire
  • Chords in one key
  • Effective use a capo
  • Strengthening rhythm, meter, and tempo
  • Reading and writing a charts