What are Student-Guided Music Lessons?

Learn to play what you love to hear.

Our teachers specialize in giving students the skills to be the kind of musician they like to listen to. A student-driven approach takes into account the student’s preferences and meets them where they’re at with skills.

Student-guided means that you learn guitar, bass, piano, voice, and songwriting that’s practical and applicable to your life rather than getting bogged down in a lot of busy-work that doesn’t directly inform the songs you’re learning. Students learn the music theory, scales, and technical skills that help them make their favorite music, instead of working from a teacher’s idea of what the student should learn.

Music is both a solitary and shared experience. Come learn the guitar, bass, piano, voice, and songwriting skills you need with Green Hills Guitar Studio. We never lock you into a contract—you can take one lesson or sign up for weekly sessions—whatever works for you.

In addition to guitar lessons, we also offer bass, piano, songwriting, and voice lessons.

Go to Meetup.com or our events calendar for a full list of upcoming workshops and group lessons.

Learn to play what YOU like to hear

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