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A Proven Pathway To Becoming a Better Rhythm Guitarist

Elevate and refine your guitar skills to new heights with our course, Rhythm Guitar, Volume 1: 12-Bar Blues & Dominant 7th Chords. Whether your ambition lies in crafting tasteful leads or in enriching your rhythmic repertoire, this course stands as an indispensable resource for the advancing guitarist.

This course is designed to help beginning and intermediate players unveil the art of rhythm guitar playing. Through a collection of 7 comprehensive lessons, you will not only uncover the secrets of rhythm guitar performance but also gain an understanding of musical nuance that will help your playing stand out.

Each lesson includes PDF resources and instructional videos that create an engaging learning experience. Each module provides insights that empower you to build a solid understanding of rhythm – the heartbeat of music.

Whether you’re a budding guitarist that wants to learn the secrets of captivating leads or an intermediate player eager to broaden your rhythmic vocabulary, Rhythm Guitar, Volume 1: 12-Bar Blues & Dominant 7th Chords, will help you focus your efforts.

Your journey toward becoming a remarkable rhythm guitar player begins here. Enroll today!

What You’ll Learn in Rhythm Guitar, Volume 1:

  • Build Resilience: Strengthen your hands, enhance endurance, and elevate your performance skills.
  • Master Dominant 7th Chords: Unlock the transformative potential of 1-4-5 dominant 7th chords and their versatile applications.
  • Groove Through the Blues: Embrace the soulful world of 12-bar blues progressions and explore captivating variations.
  • Conquer Multiple Keys: Delve into blues progressions across A, C, G, D, and E keys, expanding your tonal palette.
  • Quick Change Mastery: Seamlessly navigate the “quick change” in blues progressions for seamless transitions.
  • Foundations of Theory: Grasp fundamental music theory concepts to empower your musical journey.
  • Unlock Chord Freedom: Discover the art of locating and playing 1-4-5 chords in any key, starting from the 6th or 5th strings.
  • Master Barre Chords: Refine your technique and overcome obstacles holding back your progress.
  • Harmonic Exploration: Dive into chord voicing and inversions to create captivating musical textures.
  • Rhythmic Proficiency: Conquer the complexities of playing, counting, and subdividing in 12/8 time, erasing uncertainty.
  • Transition Mastery: Enhance chord transitions, embrace the rhythm, and stay in sync with precision.
  • Neck Mastery: Navigate the guitar neck, connecting notes to chords and keys, unraveling the fretboard’s mysteries.

Why Choose Rhythm Guitar, Volume 1?

Whether you’re a beginner seeking a strong foundation or an experienced guitarist looking to enhance your skills, this course will revolutionize your playing. Join us to groove, strum, and riff your way to rhythmic confidence. Uncover the guitar neck’s secrets, harness the power of dominant 7th chords, and tap into the timeless magic of the blues.

Start Leveling Up Your Rhythm Guitar Playing

Whether you’re a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an experienced guitarist desiring to enhance your skills, Rhythm Guitar, Volume 1, will revolutionize your playing. Join us today to groove, strum, and riff your way to rhythmic confidence. Are you ready to make your mark as a remarkable rhythm guitarist? Enroll now and become the player you’ve always aspired to be.