Thank you for choosing Green Hills Guitar Studio. We are excited to begin working with you. We hope you will find our policies simple and straightforward, but please ask if you have any questions!

SCHEDULING: Your lessons’ days, times, and makeups are scheduled directly with your designated instructor. 

PAYMENT: Billing is managed directly through our website, and each student must have an account on our website portal to receive and manage invoices. 

If you have signed up for a subscription, your credit card will be charged on a recurring basis.  You will receive email reminders of upcoming charges, and confirmations of payments. 

If you are not signed up for a subscription, invoices will be sent to you via email on a monthly basis. Payment is due on the 1st of each month for that month’s scheduled lessons. Payment must first be received in order for a lesson to occur.  We offer the ability to pay by cash, check, credit card, and Venmo. Additional standard service fees apply for all credit card and Venmo payments. 

CANCELLATIONS: We will not prorate your invoice or issue credits for any lessons missed or canceled by the student. Lessons canceled with a 48 hour notice are eligible to be rescheduled to a later date. You are required to make up missed lessons within the next 60 days. We will not prorate your invoice for any lessons you cannot reschedule within 60 days. The instructor will work to schedule the makeup lesson at both the student’s and instructor’s convenience.  Make-up lessons cannot be applied as credits to future invoices. 

Lessons canceled or missed without 48-hours’ notice are to be paid in full and are not eligible to be made up. Your instructor will consider an emergency or illness an exception to the 48-hour notification and schedule a makeup lesson.

Green Hills Guitar Studio is unique in that we provide lessons by high-quality, experienced, and professional musicians. When you have a scheduled lesson time, instructors are committed to you and that time on a weekly basis. As a professional musician, your instructor also maintains a schedule of rehearsals, performances, recording sessions, and writing appointments. For these reasons, instructors make their schedules at least a month in advance. You and your instructor can move your lesson’s day and time to accommodate any scheduling changes you may have. For you to progress, it is essential to maintain a consistent schedule. If an instructor cancels a regularly scheduled lesson and we cannot schedule a makeup session, we will credit the lesson amount to you on your next month’s invoice. 

DISCONTINUATION OF LESSONS:  We require a 30-day notification at the same time as your final payment. Your final payment will cover your last month of lessons. If you decide to quit and not fulfill the last month, you are still responsible for the final month’s payment.

SUMMER SCHEDULING: We encourage students to continue their lessons through the summer. Students have more time in the summer and can make substantial progress in a short amount of time. We also encourage students to sign up for one or more of our summer music camps. Please note that students who discontinue for the summer do forfeit their time slot and are not guaranteed the same time slot the following school year.

RETURNED CHECK FEE: There will be a $30 fee applied to your next bill for any returned checks. Please sign and return via email or at your next lesson. 
Thanks! We look forward to beginning a musical journey with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at (615) 397-1565 or info@greenhillsguitarstudio.com.

Safety, drop-off, and parking for children’s music lessons

We have all of our students enter from the rear of the building, from the parking lot so parents can watch their child walk in the door to the waiting area. It is safe to drop them off as you run errands, or you can park and sit in on their lesson or wait in the waiting area. The parking lot and sides of the building are fenced and all outside areas of the the building are fully lit, including the parking lot. If you are running late picking up your child, it is no problem. They are welcome to stay in the lobby or hang out in our music workshop room until you arrive. There is also a desk in the workshop room where they are free to do homework.

All of our instructors keep an eye open for the comings and goings of all students. We take safety very seriously and strive to have a fun, welcoming and safe environment for your family. Thank you for choosing us!