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We believe in teaching in a supportive, nurturing, and comfortable learning environment that follows a lesson plan specific to your goals and aspirations. After all, learning music should be fun, and you need to be focused on learning the music you like to hear. Along with having fun, we also challenge our students to continue growing as guitarists, vocalists, pianists, songwriters, and musicians. We offer a unique, structured, and linear process that we have learned through experience and adapted through the years in our own careers as professional musicians.

Green Hills Guitar Studio is a place for beginners and pros. We teach all ages and all experience levels. We are a studio of professional musicians in Nashville, and now online, that love working with people to help them reach their own goals. It is important that we offer music instruction that is affordable, professional, and focused on what students want to learn…not a cookie-cutter approach to teaching and learning.

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Our History & Vision

Shane Lamb, Founder, has been teaching guitar lessons since he was 17-years-old. When he was in college, he taught at Marguerite’s Music, the largest music store in the Upper Midwest. Teaching about 70 students a week, going to school full-time, writing original music for his own band, and playing in clubs and bars every weekend was an invaluable experience. He learned it’s incredibly rewarding to help people learn how to play the music they love.

“I know how much it meant and still means, to me to have instructors and mentors that invested in me as a person and a musician. The guitar instructors I learned from, and those spaces gave me a place where I felt connected and inspired


1998, the beginning

Shane Lamb opened Green Hills Guitar Studio opened in 1998 above the Corner Pub in Green Hills, just west of Nashville. After two and a half years on the road with Lee Roy Parnell, Shane decided it was time to focus on his own music and projects.

Green Hills Guitar Studio has continued to grow and expand over its almost 25 years in business. We have expanded our teaching services to include more guitar instructors and instruments, including bass, piano, and voice. We also offer many workshops and group lessons and have added a location on White Bridge Pike.

We work with artists and songwriters, performers, and musicians in all aspects of their journey. We are committed to helping students find their voices, hone their skills and knowledge as musicians, and navigate the music industry. We are extremely grateful and proud to be a part of the Nashville music community.

A Powerful Community of Successful Musicians

We have been welcomed into a wonderful music community, and we have fostered and built a community that we are really proud of. We still hear from former students that we taught years ago. Most are still playing music in some fashion as a part of their lives, others are busy with families and careers and just check in from time to time to say hello. We still hear from former students that went on to be artists, engineers, producers, musicians, and performers.

We are proud to still be, and have been, a meaningful part of so many people’s lives. And we are grateful and humbled to have been welcomed into so many families and individuals to share the endless growth opportunities and realizations that come with studying music. It’s a deep honor to be a teacher, and it’s rewarding. We have learned from our students, and have been inspired by them time and time again.

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