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Green Hills Guitar Studio Information

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What To Expect From Your Music Lessons 

When you take music lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio, you will be learning from instructors with years of professional experience as educators, live performers, studio musicians, artists and songwriters.

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We believe in teaching in a supportive, nurturing and comfortable learning environment that follows a lesson plan specific to your goals and aspirations. After all, learning music should be fun, and you need to be focused on learning the music you like to hear. Along with having fun, we also challenge our students to continue growing as guitarists, vocalists, pianists, songwriters and musicians. We offer a structured and linear process that we have learned through experience and adapted through the years in our own careers as professional musicians.

Prices for all music lessons

Music lesson prices and information:

1/2 hour private, individual lesson,
in-studio or online
45 minute private, individual lesson, in-studio or online$60
1 hour private, individual lesson,
in-studio or online

Some History of the Studio

I had decided to not attend graduate school and chose to move to Nashville in 1996 after completing my undergrad at Minnesota State University, Moorhead. I wanted to be in a city known for high caliber musicians and recording studios where I could get to work building a life as a full-time professional musician.

Like many other young, aspiring musicians, I moved to Nashville with all of my stuff packed into a U-Haul full of everything I owned. There was no money, no job, no promises or real connections. I just had the same desire and dream I had had since I was 13-years-old… to be a musician and make my living playing guitar.

I did a lot of anything I could that first year, including temp work filing at BMI, landscaping, home construction and remodeling. I also worked to meet other musicians and songwriters. I played guitar on as many songwriting demos, recording sessions and local/national gigs as I could. I was also co-writing with both established songwriters and those that were still working towards the dream of a publishing deal. I was beginning to get calls to sub for guitarists on gigs down on Broadway in downtown Nashville.

I was also subbing as a guitar instructor for other local guitarists when they were on the road. I was bouncing around between teaching studios, and gradually people began referring me to their friends for guitar lessons. I began building my own student roster and opened Green Hills Guitar Studio in 1998 above the Corner Pub in Green Hills, which is just west of Nashville.

I had been teaching guitar lessons since I was 17-years-old. When I was in college, I taught at Marguerite’s Music, the largest music store in the Upper Midwest. I was teaching about 70 students a week, going to school full-time, writing original music for my own band and playing in clubs and bars every weekend. It was invaluable experience. I also taught guitar at a regional university for a year my senior year of college. I had always enjoyed working on songs with people and teaching guitar and music theory .

It was also around this time that I was referred by a friend for a gig with Lee Roy Parnell. Arista Nashville had just closed and Lee Roy was making an album with Vanguard Records. It all happened very quickly. Within 8 hours, I threw a bag together and was on a bus headed for Mississippi. During those two and a half years, I taught guitar and played acoustic (and a little electric) guitar. Without this experience, I never would’ve met Mike McAdam and Ericson Holt who played on my own CDs later on.

After two and a half years on the road, I decided it was time to focus on my own music and projects. I was writing a lot, playing local gigs in Nashville, playing guitar for other artists/songwriters and teaching guitar and songwriting. I was also an adjunct guitar and piano instructor in Metro Nashville public schools and Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood, TN.

I was super busy. I was working seven days a week for about two years. My own teaching studio had grown substantially. I was teaching about 60 students a week and playing in five to six bands. I decided it was time to shift my focus even more. I pulled back from playing in so many bands, stopped teaching in the schools and focused solely on my studio and music.

I began working with Casey Wood at his studio, the Insanery, on my first CD, disengage. When the album was finished, I did a six week tour of the Southwest and West Coast. The album was getting radio play and traction. Later that year, disengage was submitted for Grammy consideration. The album made it through the process all the way to the final round, where Grammy nominations are decided. I think it was in the American category with Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy, Neil Young and several other of my heroes. It was an amazing feeling! Our record was independent, self-financed and wasn’t tied to a label for promotion. Just to be mentioned in the same sentence as artists I love and respect is still pretty overwhelming.

Casey and I have made two other CDs together, Better Here and Together, We’ll Get Through. I am currently working on a new collection of songs, as well as writing and playing guitar with Amanda Broadway Band.

Album release at Analog, Nashville, TN.

Green Hills Guitar Studio has continued to grow. We have expanded our teaching services to include more guitar instructors and instruments, including bass, drums, piano and voice. We also offer many workshops and group lessons. A few years ago, we opened our second location on White Bridge Pike. It has always been a dream of mine to have my own physical space and building for a teaching studio. I’m extremely grateful and proud to be apart of the Nashville music community.

It’s incredibly rewarding to help people learn how to play the music they love. I know how much it meant, and still means, to me to have instructors and mentors that invested in me as a person and a musician. I have very fond memories of my local music store, Haggertys Musicworks, in Rapid City, SD. The guitar instructors I learned from, and the guys that worked there and played in bands, gave me a place where I felt connected and inspired. They were very patient and welcoming with a 15-year-old kid with big dreams.

My goal, from the very beginning, was to create a studio that offered something unique…not just a place where people took lessons. I wanted to build a community. It is important to me to offer music instruction that is affordable, professional and focused on what students want to learn…not a cookie cutter approach to teaching and learning.

We work with artists and songwriters, performers and musicians in all aspects of their journey. We are committed to helping them find their own voices, hone their skills and knowledge as musicians and also to navigate the music industry. This is one of the reasons I started working with aspiring artists to sharpen their skills, write, pre-produce and record their own projects.

Green Hills Guitar Studio is a place for beginners and pros. We teach all ages and all experience levels. We are a studio of professional musicians in Nashville, and now online, that love working with people to help them reach their own goals.

I am proud of the community we have developed over the years. Most of our students come to us as referrals from friends and families of current and former students. We would be honored to help you!

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