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Children’s Guitar & Piano Lessons

children's guitar lessons

Children’s guitar and piano lessons have been a part of our curriculum since we first opened the music studio in 1998. We currently teach many children each week and would be happy to work with you and your child to learn music.

Should siblings take lessons together?

All of our instructors are professional musicians and performers in Nashville. Our instructors have college degrees in music and have years of experience as musicians and instructors. There are a lot of great musicians out there, but that doesn’t mean they know how to teach music. There are great teachers out there that aren’t a good fit for a beginner or don’t understand how to teach children’s guitar and piano lessons. All of our instructors are great with children and know the importance and value of sharing music with young people.

How much time will my child spend learning music?

We provide a fun, positive, supportive and nurturing environment while also maintaining a structure and challenging our students to grow and gain musical skills and understanding. Having a 30 minute lesson once per week, with a consistent practice routine at home, is sufficient for your child to learn and progress.

It is not uncommon for younger students to move to an hour lesson once per week after they have taken lessons for 6-8 weeks, but it is not necessary.

Our instructors always write down what your child is working on and what they should be practicing. We can also provide a weekly practice log to help keep track of assignments and practice time.

Res and Jackson playing a rock ‘n roll medley for a school audition tape.

Science has shown that learning a musical instrument helps a child’s development and improves skills like math and reading.

Children’s guitar and piano lessons usually go more smoothly if the child has an interest in lessons and has a desire to learn an instrument. I know this sounds like a “DUH!” statement, but I can tell you stories of dads dragging their kid to guitar lessons because he loved it so much in high school and regretted giving it up after college. It doesn’t usually go well for you, the home front, the instructor and more importantly…your child. If your child isn’t really interested in music lessons and you are, you should probably be the one taking lessons.

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It’s great for kids to try new things and we completely support that and are happy to be a part of your child’s music journey. If a child has an interest in a particular instrument, that is the instrument we recommend they study. Your child’s interest, excitement and curiosity coupled with a great teach and a parents’ support is magical! Trying to talk your child into learning the instrument you want to learn or think they should learn usually doesn’t go well.

Piano lessons for children:

Students can start at a younger age, but we recommend the age of 5-6 as the youngest age to begin piano lessons. A great starting instrument for young learners is the piano. It is laid out horizontally and it makes sense visually. The pedagogy and learning materials for piano students is linear, organized, and specific for their musical interest. Piano is a great instrument for learning how to:

  • read standard notation (sheet music)
  • learn music theory
  • gain rhythm security and confidence
  • develop right and left hand independence
  • study harmony, melody, counterpoint and arranging
  • study different musical styles

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child's piano lessons

Guitar lessons for children:

We recommend students start learning guitar around age 6-7. Guitars do come in different sizes (1/2, 3/4 and full) to accommodate your child’s age & size. For young beginners, we recommend a nylon string guitar because they are much easier on the little fingers than the steel strings of an acoustic or electric guitar. You can expect your child to learn how to:

  • read standard notation & guitar tablature
  • play open position chords, multiple strum patterns and time signatures
  • gain counting and rhythm proficiency
  • play melodies and songs
  • play music with others
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Safety, drop-off, and parking for children’s music lessons

We have all of our students enter from the rear of the building, from the parking lot so parents can watch their child walk in the door to the waiting area. It is safe to drop them off as you run errands, or you can park and sit in on their lesson or wait in the waiting area. The parking lot and sides of the building are fenced and all outside areas of the the building are fully lit, including the parking lot. If you are running late picking up your child, it is no problem. They are welcome to stay in the lobby or hang out in our music workshop room until you arrive. There is also a desk in the workshop room where they are free to do homework.

All of our instructors keep an eye open for the comings and goings of all students. We take safety very seriously and strive to have a fun, welcoming and safe environment for your family. Thank you for choosing us!