It is especially challenging for parents to pick the right music instructor for their child. We understand the importance of this decision, and we take this trust and this responsibility very seriously. Children’s guitar and piano lessons have been a part of our curriculum since we first opened the music studio in 1998. We care deeply about providing a positive, supportive, and safe environment for children your child’s growth and development.

Why are we the best for kids’ music lessons?
  • Our instructors have college degrees in music and have years of experience as musicians and instructors.
  • All of our instructors are great with children and know the importance and value of sharing music with young people.
  • We share decades of experience as professional Nashville musicians, recording artists, and songwriters with our students.
  • We have experience as educators at all levels of teaching (collegiate, public and private school, and private lessons).

Important questions to consider when signing up for children’s music lessons.

How much time will my child spend learning music?

It is important for children to enjoy the music they are learning while also learning true and sound fundamentals. We provide organized, linear, and clear lesson plans with structured practice at home that challenge our students to grow musical skills and gain understanding. Having a 30-minute lesson once per week, with a consistent practice routine at home, is sufficient for your child to learn and progress. It is not uncommon for younger students to move to an hour lesson once per week after taking lessons for 6-8 weeks, but it is not necessary.

What age can my child begin music lessons?

Students can start at a younger age, but we recommend the age of 5-6 as the youngest age to begin piano lessons. A great starting instrument for young learners is the piano. It is laid out horizontally, and it makes sense visually. The pedagogy and learning materials for piano students is linear, organized, and specific to their musical interest. We recommend students start learning guitar around the age of 6 or 7. Guitars come in different sizes (1/2, 3/4, and full) to accommodate your child’s age & size.

What will my child gain from learning a musical instrument?

The skills gained in music lessons wonderfully translate into self-confidence, self-esteem, personal responsibility, and discipline growth. Children learn how to problem-solve, working diligently and consistently to meet their goals. Science has shown that learning a musical instrument helps a child’s development and improves skills like math and reading. It’s great for kids to try new things; we completely support that and are happy to be part of your child’s musical journey. If a child is interested in a particular instrument, that is the instrument we recommend they study. Your child’s interest, excitement, and curiosity, coupled with a great teacher and parents’ support, is magical! Trying to talk your child into learning the instrument you want to learn or think they should learn usually doesn’t go well.


Please click below to purchase weekly lessons. Once you have purchased music lessons, you will be directed to a form to request your lessons with an instructor. We will find a day and time that works best for your schedule. Please email us with any questions.

kids guitar lessons

Children’s Piano & Guitar Lessons

Piano lessons

  • read standard notation (sheet music)
  • learn music theory
  • gain rhythm security and confidence
  • develop right and left-hand independence
  • study harmony, melody, counterpoint, and arranging
  • study different musical styles

Guitar lessons

  • read standard notation & guitar tablature
  • play open position chords, multiple strum patterns and time signatures
  • gain counting and rhythm proficiency
  • play melodies and songs
  • play music with others

Res and Jackson playing a rock ‘n roll medley for a school audition tape.