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A unique feature of Green Hills Guitar Studio is our ability to assist artists, songwriters and bands in all aspects of planning and executing a recording project or live performance. For years we have coached and mentored students from the beginning of their projects to completion and full realization. Now, after many finished projects, the word has spread. We are now offering this recording project facilitation service to those who don’t take lessons with us, as well. So, whether you are looking to demo your songs, record an EP or LP, we would be excited to help you reach your goals and professionally record in Nashville!


The instructors at Green Hills Guitar Studio have years of professional experience as songwriters, artists, performers, touring and session musicians. We have created and completed our own projects. We know the process inside and out. Along with our years of experience comes relationships with the greater Nashville musical community, including recording studios, producers, tracking, mix and mastering engineers, studio musicians and arrangers. These relationships give us the access to approach your creative and recording project with the same care and commitment as we do our own.

We promise to be a complete and professional resource for you in the writing, performing, recording and completion of your project. We are interested and committed in the growth and development of you as an artist, writer and performer. All of the instructors at Green Hills Guitar Studio have years of experience in the music business and we will bring our guidance and experience to you, your project and goals. We are here to provide mentorship, support, guidance, and feedback to help you facilitate and fulfill your project.

We have nurtured and mentored students by helping with the processes of:

  • Pre-production and studio preparation
  • Assembling and selecting studio musicians
  • Studio selection
  • Selecting a recording engineer and producer
  • Artist development and finding your voice/sound
  • The creative process
  • Understanding the recording process
  • Song selection
  • Song arrangement
  • Gear and equipment
  • Crafting and finishing songs
  • Studio production
  • Project mastering
  • Nashville number system/chart writing
  • Album artwork
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Social media, marketing & promo materials
  • CD release events and venues


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