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Piano Lessons

Kent Toalson playing a Nord keyboard.Kent Toalson, a performing Nashville keyboardist and piano player, teaches piano lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studios. Kent Toalson is a professional session player and live keyboardist/organist for countless Nashville artists and bands. He has been a professional musician in Nashville over the last decade. As a student of pioneering local musicians Chris Wood and Regi Wooten, Kent learned the invaluable nature and profound musical guidance that comes from personalized lessons. His experience with diverse genres in professional settings allows him to teach a wide variety of musical styles and techniques, as well as provide insight on applied issues
like studio recording and networking for musicians. Kent believes in
meeting a student exactly where they are with their goals, while
creating a personal, feedback oriented approach to help them develop
and open their musical potential.


Students at Nashville’s Green Hills Guitar Studio receive personalized, private keyboard lessons tailored to their specific needs and musical interests. Topics of instruction include (but are not limited to):

-Piano, electric keyboard and organ instruction for all skill levels and ages
-Jazz, RnB, classical, rock, country, etc. styles
-Rhythmic, harmonic and melodic approaches
-Taubman “coordinate motion” technique
-Licks, chops and creative improvisation
-Chord voicing and chordal movement
-Getting gigs, networking and band dynamics
-Recording studio prep and etiquette
-Audio engineering for keyboard players
-Live performance prep
-Learning songs by ear
-Memorizing songs
-Comping and identifying your role
-Hanon scales and exercises
-Critical listening
-Nashville Number System, classical music theory and non-Western approaches
-Stride piano and walking the bass
-Reading sheet music and building repertoire
-Having fun! (it’s important)

Visit the piano lessons page or call Green Hills Guitar Studio today for more information on how to sign up for piano lessons in Nashville with Kent. If you’re ready to get playing, fill out the contact form below.