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Learn Online with Pro Nashville Musicians

Taking online guitar and music lessons is a great way to learn from a professional music instructor from anywhere in the world. Online music lessons are flexible, effective, and an efficient use of time. Like any of the private music lessons you can take at our studio in Nashville, TN, all online lessons are specifically designed and tailored for your interests, your goals, and your musical aspirations. Regardless if you are a total beginner or have been playing guitar for years, let’s get started!

What you need to get started with virtual music lessons

We can connect for your lessons through any technology you feel comfortable with. Our students have seen success and consistency with all of the following:

  • FaceTime for those with Apple products. This and Zoom are the main two we use. They are very consistent.
  • Skype. You can download the program at www.skype.com.
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts.

Your computer’s built-in microphone and camera work fine for taking lessons, and a set of headphones can help with sound quality. We can recommend some simple and inexpensive options for cameras and speakers if you desire a higher quality. But really, just your computer or iPad will be fine. I have used just my iPhone many times and it has been great.

Do they really work? YEP!! How does it work?

Matt has been taking lessons for a few years while attending college out of state.

Female college student writing lyrics to her song in online music lesson with Shane Lamb.
Rachel writing lyrics to her melody.

What can I expect from online music lessons?

“Shane is a great teacher who understands that the lesson is about you. I came Green Hills Guitar studio after trying to learn guitar off of youtube. The youtube teachers are good teachers, but they don’t compare to one-on-on lessons. Over the past 18 months (I take online lessons), Shane has drastically improved my both my right hand and my left hand technique. He introduced me to my favorite guitar player, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Under Shane’s guidance I can now play SRV’s Lenny and Little Wing. More recently he’s begun to teach me how to play to by ear. Prior to taking lessons, I thought that I it would be impossible for me to play by ear. Shane is a teacher who can teach the impossible. If you aren’t sure about taking lesson guitars, then try one lesson. I promise you won’t regret it.”-Matt Chalkley    

Our music teachers perform with local Nashville bands and artists, work as touring musicians, as professional studio musicians, and as songwriters and artists themselves . Even if you don’t live in Nashville, you can learn from these pros through online music lessons.

Online music lessons proceed the same way as in-person lessons. Online students receive the exact same high quality and professional  instruction, personalized lesson planning and instruction that is tailored to your goals.

“Taking online lessons here is incredible! Prompt response to my email request and I got matched with Shane. From the start of our first FaceTime lesson, it was as easy and comfortable as an in person lesson, and game changing for me as a songwriter. I am learning so much, and exactly what I want to be learning, and I feel so incredibly supported.” -Deborah Millstein Kronenberg

These lessons work great for musicians and busy professionals of all skill levels. We cater to music students who

  • travel for business or pleasure
  • live too far for the drive to our Nashville studio
  • need a new music instructor
  • are just getting started
  • touring musicians who need to brush-up on skills
  • musicians who need to get out of a playing or creative rut

Online music lessons give you the ability to create, explore and build skills and learn from the pros from wherever you call home.

Check out our feature with Big Joe on the Go and WSMV 4, Nashville. This three-part series covers our switch from in-person to online music lessons when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020. Click here to watch part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Why take guitar or songwriting lessons online from Green Hills Guitar Studio?

  • Learn to play guitar or piano, or develop your voice or songwriting craft from anywhere in the world without leaving your home.
  • Gain immediate access to professional music instructors with years of teaching private and group lessons; instructional experience at collegiate, theater, public and private schools and institutions; professional experience as session/recording, performing, touring,  guitarists, pianists, vocalists  and songwriters.
  • A structured and linear approach to studying music. No more frustration with trying to teach yourself while sorting through piles of books, videos and DVDs.
  • No more wasting time sifting through often times incorrect or incomplete tablature and transcriptions online. Many students come to us ready to quit and frustrated after spending a lot of time learning music that isn’t correct. Our teachers will help you learn the right fingerings, information and technique to play well.
  • No more countless YouTube videos from some person somewhere with unknown experience as a guitar player or instructor. Sign up today for guitar lessons designed specifically for YOU to help you reach YOUR goals.

Take guitar, piano, voice, music theory, or songwriting lessons from the professional musicians and instructors at Green Hills Guitar Studio, wherever you are in the world or while you’re traveling. All you need is an internet connection, your instrument, and a computer or mobile device. Start learning today!

Cancelation policy:  Due to scheduling and lesson preparation, it is my policy that I receive payment no later than 24 hours prior to the lesson. If a student cancels the day of the lesson, the student will not be refunded the lesson fee. Rescheduling is easy, but must be done by the day before the lesson.

Can I take lessons in person in Nashville?

We have started some of our in-person music lessons back up but will continue to offer online, as well. And if you want to start learning guitar but don’t feel ready for private lessons, try our Absolute Beginner’s Guitar Course!