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Taking online guitar and music lessons is a great way to learn from a professional music instructor from anywhere in the world. Online music lessons are flexible, effective, and an efficient use of time. Like any of the private music lessons you can take at our studio in Nashville, TN, all online lessons are specifically designed and tailored for your interests, your goals, and your musical aspirations. Regardless if you are a total beginner or have been playing for years, let’s get started!

What you need to get started with virtual music lessons:

We can connect for your lessons through any technology you feel comfortable with. Our students have seen success and consistency with all of the following:

  • FaceTime for those with Apple products. This and Zoom are the main two we use. They are very consistent.
  • Skype. You can download the program at
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts

Your computer’s built-in microphone and camera work fine for taking lessons, and a set of headphones can help with sound quality. We can recommend some simple and inexpensive options for cameras and speakers if you desire higher quality. But really, just your computer or iPad will be fine. I have used just my iPhone many times and it has been great.

What can I expect from online music lessons?

Our music teachers perform with local Nashville bands and artists and work as touring musicians, professional studio musicians, and songwriters and artists themselves. Even if you don’t live in Nashville, you can learn from these pros through online music lessons.

Online music lessons proceed the same way as in-person lessons. Online students receive the exact same high-quality and professional instruction, personalized lesson planning, and instruction that is tailored to their goals.

Jess Adams in online guitar lesson with acoustic guitar.

Online music lessons give you the ability to create, explore and build skills and learn from the pros from wherever you call home. These lessons work great for musicians and busy professionals of all skill levels. We cater to music students who

  • travel for business or pleasure
  • live too far for the drive to our Nashville studio
  • need a new music instructor
  • are just getting started
  • touring musicians who need to brush-up on skills
  • musicians who need to get out of a playing or creative rut


Please click below to purchase weekly lessons. Once you have made the purchase for music lessons, you will be directed to a form to request your lessons with an instructor. We will find a day and time that works best for your schedule. Please email us with any questions.

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