Music Lessons by Professional Nashville Musicians with Decades of Experience

Green Hills Guitar Studio has provided music lessons to students of all ages and levels since 1998. The Nashville studio offers guitar, piano, voice, music theory, songwriting, ukulele and bass lessons. We also assist students with theatrical, studio recording, songwriting, touring, live performance and career coaching. Learn to play what you like to hear!

Music lessons for all ages & levels.

Nashville is one of the most prominent music centers in the country. Music City is home to many talented musicians, songwriters, performers, recording engineers, music producers, and recording studios. Why not learn from some professional Nashville musicians, with decades of experience?


Please click below to purchase weekly lessons. Once you have made the purchase for music lessons, you will be directed to a form to request your lessons with an instructor. We will find a day and time that works best for your schedule. Please email us with any questions.

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Online Artist & Song Library

Learn specifics for various artists and multiple genres.

Virtually everything you need to learn, practice & improve on the guitar & piano.

If you would prefer to work on your own, we have multiple courses for guitar, songwriting and music theory online. The studio has recently launched a song library, with song chart/PDFs and videos, with insight and tips. Set up an account, and get started on your musical journey!

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