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Music Lesson Rates & Discounts:

1/2 hour private, individual lesson,
in-studio or online
45 minute private, individual lesson, in-studio or online$60
1 hour private, individual lesson,
in-studio or online
sibling discount15%
military discount15%
workshop (3 hours)from $90

We offer free workshops & lessons, as well as paid workshops. Please see our events calendar & sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of when they will be offered and at what price.

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“The workshop here was one of the absolute best I have ever taken. It was so organized and structured to exactly what I want to learn. Being able to leave with handouts, books and material to practice is so important and something most guitar lessons don’t provide. I would highly recommend Green Hills Guitar Studio! I can’t say enough great things about my experience here!”

Crystal Borelli

We offer student-guided music lessons. Learn to play what you love to hear.

Our teachers specialize in giving students the skills to be the kind of musician they like to listen to. A student-driven approach takes into account the student’s preferences and meets them where they’re at with skills.

Student-guided means that you learn guitar, bass, piano, voice, and songwriting that’s practical and applicable to your life rather than getting bogged down in a lot of busy-work that doesn’t directly inform the songs you’re learning. Students learn the music theory, scales, and technical skills that help them make their favorite music, instead of working from a teacher’s idea of what the student should learn.

Music is both a solitary and shared experience. Come learn the guitar, bass, piano, voice, and songwriting skills you need with Green Hills Guitar Studio. We never lock you into a contract—you can take one lesson or sign up for weekly sessions—whatever works for you.

In addition to guitar lessons, we also offer bass, piano, songwriting, and voice lessons.

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Music Lessons in Nashville

Beginner Guitar

Beginner Guitar lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio teaches you how to play basic open position chords, foundational strum patterns and rhythms, exposure to different time signatures and listening for rhythm. You will learn common chord progressions to play along with your favorite songs. Get technical skills like how to use a capo when you need them—not according to some prescribed schedule that doesn’t have practical applications. Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar or bass before, you can learn to play the songs you want to hear.

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Intermediate Guitar

At an intermediate level, guitar lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio again are student-driven skills-based lessons that help guitar players learn the techniques to expand their abilities and repertoire. This is an area we specialize in because we approach it differently than other studios.

Working on your technique is valuable and important, but equally important is developing your ability to play dynamically and with a deeper knowledge of phrasing. Paying attention to what the other musicians are playing, playing as a unit and understanding the form and structure of music is very important in developing as a musician. Here, you will deepen your ability to actively listen and improve your ear training.

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Advanced Guitar

Advanced guitar players looking for a skills tune-up, get out of a rut, a new way of looking at things, some inspiration and a better understanding of your personal style solo or in a group. Shake up your normal woodshedding patterns and get a fresh perspective on your playing. Learn how to make different connections with the instrument and your music and deepen your well of inspiration. Our students are professional and amateur musicians in Nashville and around the world looking for techniques to keep them at the top of their game.

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Songwriting lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio help students understand how playing an instrument and writing songs for that instrument connect. Songwriters often feel a disconnect with the instrument because they haven’t studied an instrument from a songwriters use of that instrument. Songwriters have a different need, and interest, than someone who wants to learn guitar. Many times, songwriters are often put through a guitar instructor’s routine that often leaves them frustrated and feeling uninspired, isolated. This quickly leads to being creatively blocked.

Our approach is unique, and I would say radical. It is actually quite simple, but not easy to implement. Study the music and songwriters YOU love WHILE learning and understanding your instrument. The connection between the two is vital. Learn the music theory, skills and the instrument techniques that let your creativity shine. It’s about finding your voice and developing your voice.

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Take Music Lessons In Nashville

Green Hills Guitar Studio has helped students prepare and be accepted into some of the country’s best music programs including:

  • Nashville Magnet Schools
  • MTSU
  • Belmont
  • Berklee School of Music.

We have also assisted students with theatrical, studio recording, songwriting, touring, and live performance.

What To Expect From Your Music Lessons 

When you take lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio, you will be learning from instructors with years of professional experience as educators, live performers, studio musicians, artists and songwriters.

music lessons in Nashville

We believe in teaching in a supportive, nurturing, and comfortable learning environment that follows lesson plan specific to your goals and aspirations. We also aim to have fun and challenge our students to continue growing as guitarists, vocalists, pianists, songwriters, and musicians. We offer a structured and linear process that we have learned through experienced and adapted through the years in our own careers as professional musicians.

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Online Music Lessons

In 2015, we expanded our availability to study music by offering instruction through our online music lessons service. We are now teaching students from around the country and the world. We teach music to students of all ages and experience levels.

Green Hills Guitar Studio offers high quality music instruction at a competitive rate. Whether you are a beginner or someone with years of experience looking for the next phase of your musical growth, we are honored to assist you. The wonderful thing about playing an instrument and creating is we are all students for life!

If you are considering a new music instructor, or beginning music lessons, here are 3 questions to consider before you start.

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