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Free Beginner Guitar Course

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After numerous new students have said, “I wish I would have found you right away,” I decided to make it easier to offer beginner guitar students from all over some of the tips and insights that have helped my students get on a solid footing to progress consistently.

-Shane Lamb

This is a bare bones Intro Course for the beginning guitarist. These materials are included in my Beginner’s Blues Guitar Course but will only demonstrate the very basics of learning to play the guitar. More in depth learning of chords, strumming and rhythms, technique, and picking exercises will be discussed in fuller detail in the Beginner’s Blues course.


By the end of the this free online beginner guitar course, you will be able to play along to some of the simple Beginner Guitar Songs featured in the series.

The Basics

Watch these videos first to learn how to hold your guitar, hold you guitar pick and learn how to get your guitar tuned properly so that it always sounds good. Once you have completed these videos and your guitar is sounding great, move on to the hand dexterity exercise in Part 2.

Hand Position, Finger Independence & Strength With Some Alternate Picking on Top

Developing hand independence, strength, flexibility and dexterity is really important for learning chords and completing chord changes more smoothly and faster. Use these exercises to help you develop some hand dexterity & independence, good hand position & transitions while also working on alternate picking. All of this will help improve your playing in time, changing chords/transitions, learning guitar licks and solos.

First Chords:

We are going to start with some open position chords to get your hands moving on the guitar neck and hitting the right strings. The key is to practice changing between chords smoothly and in time.

Strumming, Counting & Rhythm

Playing along with someone is essential to improving your chord changes speed and timing. That’s why I include play along tracks and videos in the Beginner’s Blues Beginner Guitar Course.

Here are a few beginner strumming patterns/rhythms and chord progressions to get you started.

You now have the basic understanding of playing guitar. Now, click on the Beginner’s Blues Guitar Course and let’s get started!

The Guitar Style of Jimi Hendrix & John Mayer:

Beginning Guitar: Blues & Boogie Woogie. Videos 1-5.