Take student-centered bass guitar lessons from professional performing musicians right here in Nashville. Learn the music you like to listen to and learn to implement the music theory when it comes up in your learning.

Green Hills Guitar Studio’s teachers tailor your learning to the music you want to play. You learn best when you enjoy what you’re playing, instead of learning scales without knowing how to use them. Some teachers give students the same routine, but our teachers are organized and linear without putting students through a cold, inflexible curriculum.

The Best Bass Guitar Lessons in Nashville

  • All of our instructors are professional musicians and performers in Nashville
  • Our instructors have college degrees in music and have years of experience as musicians and instructors
  • Enjoy learning guitar skills while you learn your favorite songs. Contextual learning means you enjoy what you’re learning faster, and practicing is much more fun.

Take Bass Guitar Lessons from Performing Nashville Artists

The student-led lessons you take at Green Hills Guitar Studio are guided by your musical taste. You don’t have to know anything except the kind of music you like to listen to, and our guitar teachers will help you with the skills to play those songs.  


  • Reading and writing Nashville Number Charts
  • Reading and writing lead sheets
  • Reading and writing notation
  • Understanding of theory and harmony
  • Ear training (in relation to harmony and Nashville Numbers)
  • Electric bass
  • Knowledge of gear and tones
  • Being an authentic bass player in any genre (Pop, Country, Jazz, Rock, Fusion, R&B, Funk, Singer Songwriter and more)
  • Scales and arpeggios
  • Improv (building bass lines, walking bass lines and improv)
  • Playing techniques (fingerstyle, playing with a pick, slap, muted sound with palm and thumb techniques)
  • Studio work (arranging, producing and being able to please the artist)
  • Memorization (songs, lines, solos)
  • 5 and 4 string basses
  • Locking with a drummer
  • Understanding of rhythm and beat placement
  • Leading a band/rehearsal


Please click below to purchase weekly lessons. Once you have made the purchase for music lessons, you will be directed to a form to request your lessons with an instructor. We will find a day and time that works best for your schedule. Please email us with any questions.

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