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The Best Guitar Lessons in Nashville are at Green Hills Guitar Studio

Beginner Guitar

Beginner guitar lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio teaches you how to play basic open position chords, foundational strum patterns and rhythms, exposure to different time signatures and listening for rhythm. You will learn common chord progressions to play along with your favorite songs.

Get technical skills—like how to use a capo—when you need them. We don’t work according to some prescribed schedule that doesn’t have practical applications. Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar or bass before, you can learn to play the songs you want to hear.

If you’re not ready to take private guitar lessons with a professional Nashville guitarist, our Absolute Beginner’s Guitar Course has everything you need to get started.

Intermediate Guitar

At an intermediate level, guitar lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio again are student-driven skills-based lessons that help guitar players learn the techniques to expand their abilities and repertoire. This is an area we specialize in because we approach it differently than other studios.

Working on your technique is valuable and important, but equally important is developing your ability to play dynamically and with a deeper knowledge of phrasing. Paying attention to what the other musicians are playing, playing as a unit and understanding the form and structure of music is very important in developing as a musician. Here, you will deepen your ability to actively listen and improve your ear training.

Advanced Guitar

Advanced guitar players looking for a skills tune-up, get out of a rut, a new way of looking at things, some inspiration and a better understanding of your personal style solo or in a group. Shake up your normal woodshedding patterns and get a fresh perspective on your playing. Learn how to make different connections with the instrument and your music and deepen your well of inspiration. Our students are professional and amateur musicians in Nashville and around the world looking for techniques to keep them at the top of their game.

Take Guitar Lessons from Performing Nashville Artists

The student-led lessons you take at Green Hills Guitar Studio are guided by your musical taste. You don’t have to know anything except the kind of music you like to listen to, and guitar teachers Shane Lamb, Sam Farkas, Eddie Heinzelman and Timothy Campanis will help you with the skills to play those songs.  

Many teachers have a set program and routine that they apply to every student—kind of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. But Green Hills Guitar Studio students enjoy learning guitar skills while they learn their favorite songs. This contextual learning means you enjoy what you’re learning, you learn faster, and practicing and lessons are much more fun.

We accept students at all skill levels. Whether you’ve never picked up a guitar before, you’re a professional looking for help getting out of a musical rut or want to learn a particular skill to sound like your favorite guitar god, we can help.


Topics of instruction include:

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Guitar lessons for you!

Students at Nashville’s Green Hills Guitar Studio receive personalized private and group guitar lessons. All of our music lessons are tailored to your specific needs and musical interests and goals.

Frustrations and rut busting!

All too often we receive inquiries from guitar students and parents reflecting a frustration with their study of guitar. Usually the student isn’t learning what they want to be learning and they practice less and less, losing interest in something they once found interesting, exciting and a source of enjoyment. Instead, their guitar teacher is teaching them what he/she likes or finds interesting.
This usually causes students to become bored or frustrated…and that is no way to spend valuable time and money! We believe we are here to help you reach your goals and enjoy the music you want to learn, all while being supported, challenged and having fun.
Another common frustration we hear from students looking for a new guitar instructor is a lack of direction, organization and a linear approach to the material and guitar lessons. Unlike more traditional instruments like cello or piano that have graded methods and a pedagogy, learning guitar can be quite overwhelming with all of the videos, books, online tabs, apps and gaps in the information. Music instructors at Green Hills Guitar studio will provide you a structured path through the endless amounts of information that often lead to wasting time, bad habits, distraction and frustration.
It is normal to get into ruts, we all do. It’s part of the learning and growth process. It’s important to not stay there! If you are feeling like your guitar playing or guitar lessons have plateaued, we would be happy to help. We have a lot of experience ourselves as students, musicians and guitarist instructors to help you begin charting a new plan and re-focusing energies that will get you to the next phase of your guitar playing and creativity. Here are some thoughts on 3 questions to consider to help you navigate music lessons.
When you take guitar lessons from us, we will provide you with customized guitar lessons that are organized, well explained and linear.
So, whether you are a complete beginner or have been playing guitar for years, give us a call. Sign up below for private guitar lessons, or grab a friend and sign up for group guitar lessons today!

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