Sam Farkas plays Haele, a classic Hawaiian tune. Take ukulele lessons with Same at Green Hills Guitar Studio.

If the guitar isn’t your thing or you’re looking for a more portable instrument, take ukulele lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio. We offer individual ukelele lessons and group ukulele workshops.

Ukulele is great for kids and musical beginners, as it’s lightweight and has only 4 strings to learn (instead of the 6 on a guitar). Because of the tuning on a ukelele, you can learn chords quickly.

With uke lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio, you can learn basic chords in just a few minutes, and learn your favorite songs faster than on another instrument. This little instrument is great for learning how to play rhythm and melody as you sing along.

Learn these skills at ukulele lessons:
  • Open position, major, minor and 7th chords
  • How to tune your instrument
  • Common strum patterns and rhythms

Along with learning chords, you will learn scales that will let you play melodies and solos, and create transitional lines between chords. The ukelele is a great instrument to accompany an acoustic singer or band, or add a mic to accompany an electric group.


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