Sam Farkas is a guitar instructor who teaches a wide range of playing styles and techniques essential to mastering the guitar. He teaches guitar and songwriting lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio to students of all ages and abilities.

Sam’s teaching style is focused on meeting individuals where they are, both musically and personally. Identifying goals, systematically tackling specific trouble spots, and curating a custom curriculum for each student are the cornerstones of Sam’s approach.

Sam played in his first rock and roll band when he was 15, and he moved to Middle Tennessee in 2001 to study audio recording, music theory, history, and guitar. He has toured with several Nashville artists, and you can hear him play with The Music City Toppers every Thursday night at ACME Feed and Seed.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Jazz is a style of music with its own scales, chord progressions, and chord-melody arrangements, which produce a unique sound.

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Fingerstyle is a method of guitar playing that involves representing the bass, harmony, and melody on a single instrument.

Music Theory & Ear Training

Learn the theory underlying all types of music and specific techniques to identify note and chord interactions in song. Music theory and ear training skills are essential for songwriting and playing.

Songwriting Lessons

Expand and upgrade your songwriting skills by taking private lessons from an experienced professional.

Sam Farkas guitar instructor Green Hills Guitar Studio.

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