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Music Theory 2 Workshop

The next step is putting it all together! We will build on everything we covered in Music Theory 1. This is when it really starts to get fun! Songs and melodies begin to make much more sense. If you are a songwriter, if you are interested in being a better player and musician or just wanting to improve your understanding of music theory, this is a great workshop for you!

What chords are in the key, how the chords work together by knowing & understanding their FUNCTION!!

We will also:

  • look at numerous songs and chord progressions
  • study Nashville Number System charts
  • practice writing your own Nashville Number Charts
  • learn how to construct Dominant 7 & Major 7 chords
  • Extended chord construction
  • Modulations & tonicizations
  • Expanding beyond the major scale – exploring the modes and other tonal centers
  • Borrowed chords
  • Secondary dominant chords
  • Counterpoint
  • Re-harmonizing a melody
  • Chord inversions
  • Understanding & utilizing tension and resolve