Beginner Guitar Workshop

This introduction to guitar workshop gets you familiar with your instrument, both acoustic & electric guitars. Join us solo or with a couple of your closest friends interested in learning guitar.

Open to all ages and skill levels.  We will start from the beginning and build a solid foundation for your guitar playing.

All handouts and music will be provided.

Guitars can be provided if you don’t have one. Just let us know in advance!

What you will learn:
  • How to hold your guitar and sit comfortably while playing
  • Technique exercise to build up endurance, calluses and strength and independence in both hands
  • Alternate picking
  • How to hold a guitar pick
  • How to tune your guitar with a tuner and by ear
  • How to change your guitar strings
  • Caring for your guitar
  • The parts of the guitar and what they do
  • How to read guitar tablature
  • Beginning to learn the guitar fretboard and the note names
  • Learning to read music in the open position
  • How to read chord diagrams, open position chords and fingerings.
  • Developing good hand position and strumming technique
  • Strategies for smooth chord changes and transitions
  • The most common rhythms and strum patterns used in songs
  • Rhythm and counting whole notes, quarter notes and eighth notes
  • How to count & stay in time

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Workshop Date

July 15