CAGED for Songwriters & Rhythm Guitarists: Capos, Keys & the Nashville Number System


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The CAGED System is a wonderful way to organize and understand the guitar neck, whether you are a rhythm player or lead player! But too often, songwriters think all of this is too complicated, and they avoid it, or shut down. Rhythm guitar players have usually cobbled together some bits and pieces of skills and playing, but feel intimidated or embarrassed about not really knowing how to fall in and play with others. And lead players often play by patterns, falling into ruts and predictable moves. Also, lead players think they are better rhythm players than they are. When asked to play along with a track, offering up multiple parts that help build the track or song, most fall apart pretty quickly.

So, what do you get with this course?

30 lessons, with PDFs, each PDF containing 4 video lessons/exercises each!

Diagrams and exercises that help you learn and understand the content. You will understand capo & barre chord fingers

Video demonstrations and explanations by me. You will get to play along with me and I will show you how to implement the information

I will also show you important techniques and options that will make you sound and play better right away!