Kent Toalson has lived in Nashville, TN for 14 years as a session organist and keyboardist, as well as an audio engineer and producer for various music, film, and commercial projects.  

His experience in Nashville has led him to play in nearly every marquee venue in town with an ever-growing network of artists and musicians.  Kent is the current member of The Music City Toppers, Amanda Broadway Band, Alanna Royale, and Mount Worcester.  He has also played with Yola, Floralorix, Jessy Wilson, Alicia Michilli, Sarah Potenza, Luthi, Suzy Jones, David Williford Quintet and dozens of others.  

Kent is an alumnus of Belmont University with a double major in audio engineering and philosophy. Kent has studied music under John Medeski, Billy Martin and Chris Wood of pioneering modern jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood, as well as Regi Wooten of Wooten Brothers fame, to go along with a collection of other important teachers over the past couple decades.

In addition to recording, playing live music, and teaching, Kent works on commercial and film musicwith Fortest Creative.  He worked as a primary composer and engineer on the original soundtrack to the acclaimed documentary Spoons: a Santa Barbara Story.   

Do not fear mistakes; there are none.  –Miles Davis

piano lessons in Nashville

“Every one of my students has something to teach me with their curiosity and creativity,” Kent says.  “Nothing is more fulfilling than watching a student grow and realize their potential.”


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