Experience guitar and songwriting lessons in Nashville, or online, at Green Hills Guitar Studio with this limited time offer.

“I believe ANYBODY can play guitar, and ANYBODY could write a song. It’s just like anything else you want to do in life. If you want to learn something new, you seek out somebody with the knowledge and skills to teach you how to get there. Where is “there?”  That is up to you, and Green Hills Guitar Studio will help you get “there.” Shane Lamb, Instructor 

A Letter From Shane Lamb

Hello, my name is Shane Lamb and I am the owner, operator and a guitar instructor at Green Hills Guitar Studio. I have been part of the Nashville music community since 1998, moving here to pursue music after college. I earned Bachelor of Music and graduated cum laude. I studied guitar performance, composition and audio production.

Since moving to Nashville, I have taught guitar and piano in both the public and private school systems, while teaching private guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, songwriting and music theory lessons at my own teaching studio, Green Hills Guitar Studio.  During this time I have toured and performed throughout North America as a professional guitarist and singer/songwriter, as well as, recorded on many projects as a studio musician.

As a singer/songwriter I have written, recorded and co-produced 3 full length albums and an EP. My album ‘disengage’, was in contention for a few Grammy nominations. I have also booked, promoted and toured nationally in support of my original music. I am currently writing and recording new music, as well as, writing, recording and playing guitar with other Nashville artists.  This year I have expanded the Green Hills Guitar Studio to include several new instructors to teach guitar, mandolin, piano and voice. All of whom, have years of professional experience and the heart of a teacher.

I believe what is unique about Green Hills Guitar Studio is the teaching philosophy I have developed over my life as a guitar student, professional musician and 24 years as a guitar instructor. I call it “being in the process.” It has a flow. Even for beginning students, there is a linear approach based upon immediate application. It’s important to experience immediate application and connection. It’s about the music revealing what needs to be worked on and practiced to be successful. This includes everything from music theory to technique.

Another unique factor is my teaching method is influenced by my roles as a guitarist AND a songwriter. I teach a lot of songwriters how to play guitar and how to apply music theory to their writing and instrument. So the lessons are designed to help them be in their process.  I have had a lot of students come to me that have been really frustrated taking lessons from a guitar teacher that doesn’t write. This experience goes the other way as well. A guitarist really needs to understand their role in an arrangement and performance. Hence, their process.

I have performed and taught many styles of music. Additionally, I have designed and taught lessons for thousands of students, from age 3 to 86, at every level of ability and interest.  Including, students that want to learn how to play some of their favorite songs for fun, to students wanting to study at the collegiate level or become professional guitarists and songwriters.

I believe in meeting people exactly where they are. I believe my role is to serve and nurture the student’s interest and growth.

All the best, Shane