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10 Instagram Guitarists You Need To Follow

As the title suggests, this article is about Instagram guitarists worth checking out. Few mediums have been as entertaining and enlightening for musicians as the internet.

The access to chord charts, video tutorials, and guitar courses are all at your fingertips.

While YouTube remains entertaining and helpful, Instagram has become a goldmine for guitarists worldwide, offering bite-sized videos and a bustling community where you can discover new techniques, gain insights, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, here are ten Instagram guitarists who will fuel your passion for the instrument:

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1. ProGuitar | @proguitarofficial

Curated by Swedish fingerstyle wizard Emil Ernebro, this account offers clear, concise, useful, and oh-so-tasty guitar licks that work well in country, jazz, and blues settings but can easily be worked into any idiom. Beyond the fantastic playing, Emil’s earnest and genuine interest in sharing his craft is inspiring.

2. Josh Meader | @joshmeader22

I love guitar players who don’t play like a “typical” guitar player but make their guitars sound like horns or pianos. Josh effortlessly brings soulful melodies of horns and pianos to life on his guitar, showcasing the instrument’s versatility with flawless transcriptions.

3. Jack Ruch | @jackruchguitar

Jack Ruch has chops, but more importantly, he has taste. Everything Jack plays is musical, lyrical, and honest. It’s important to find your own voice as a musician, and it’s clear that Jack has found his. His tasteful blues, jazz, and soul playing consistently delight me.

4. Jens Larson | @jenslarsenjazz

Beyond being a highly proficient guitar player, Jens is wildly prolific. Nearly every day he posts a like complete with harmonic analysis. If you are an aspiring jazz guitar player or simply desire a more sophisticated understanding of the instrument, follow Jens. Bonus: his YouTube videos are fantastic and highly informative.

5. Soundslice | @soundslice_music

Soundslice is a must for all musicians. The platform combines traditional notation, tablature, audio and video. The musical transcriptions are crowd-sourced and distributed amongst their users and subscribers. You can find highly accurate transcriptions of the classics and original collaborations by musicians from opposite sides of the globe.

6. Alex Farran | @AlexFarranGuitar

Alex is a top-notch guitar player with a flare for tastefulness. His content offers an experienced vintage-inspired musical nostalgia that focuses on jazz, soul, country music, and Americana. He aims to highlight the details that bring classic guitar tones and melodies to life. He’s definitely succeeding.

7. Paul Davids | @PaulDavids

Paul Davids is a Dutch guitar player with a massive online following—for good reason! He has everything from playing tutorials to the gear he uses to make music and content. It’s a veritable gold mine of information. Join Paul on a journey through the world of guitar, filled with quality playing, beautiful arrangements, and entertaining guitar-related content.

8. Tim Lerch | @TimLerchGuitar

Tim Lerch’s mastery of solo guitar, jazz, and blues captivates audiences worldwide, showcasing his artistry and acclaimed compositions. Fortunately for us, Tim has a calming presence and is passionate about sharing his deep jazz and blues guitar knowledge with anyone savvy enough to pay attention.

9. Eric Haugen | @EricHaugenGuitar

Delve into Eric’s eclectic world, where twangy guitars, fuzzy psychedelia, and melodic simplicity converge, offering a refreshing take on guitar playing. Check out his content if you’re a fan of countercultural guitar heroes like Marc Ribot, Richard Thompson, or Neil Young.

10. Green Hills Guitar Studio | @greenhillsguitarstudio

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