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For Songwriters & Guitarists

Have you been trying to learn and memorize the guitar neck, but nothing sticks? Well, it’s because you haven’t been shown how to apply the information. Just trying to memorize the fretboard isn’t going to work. This is true for learning music theory as well.

Power Chords, part 1

Part 1 of this series covers the 6th & 5th strings of the guitar. I will show you how to:

  • Palm mute
  • Make smooth transitions up and down the guitar neck
  • Count and subdivide
  • Play 9 different rhythms
  • Read chord diagrams
  • Play to a beat or metronome. No more stress, anxiety or guessing!
  • Practice effectively for better, more consistent outcomes
  • Learn & memorize the guitar neck while actually playing music
  • Improve your ear training & develop your sense of keys & tonal centers
  • Learn common progressions used in thousands of songs
  • Play in different keys
  • Learn new chord progressions & harmonic options
  • Identify chords used in different keys

What you get in this guitar course:

  • 40 exercises and 40 PDFs I created just for this course
  • 10 video lessons, containing 4 exercises for each video. I play each exercises 2 times, with 2 different rhythms
  • A breakdown and explanation for everything I am playing
  • Insights & techniques you will need to improve your playing and how to approach your practice & performance
  • A guitar neck diagram for you to reference for all exercises & lessons. The diagram has all of the fret names provided for the 6th, 5th & 4 strings