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How to Find Songwriting Inspiration

I know firsthand that finding songwriting inspiration is the lifeblood of my craft – that elusive spark igniting the creative process and setting it into motion. It’s my guiding light, helping me navigate the vast ocean of musical possibilities and preventing me from wandering in the dark.

For me, inspiration takes on various forms, each unique and powerful. Some sources of inspiration burn brightly, shaping my musical identity for a lifetime, while others are fleeting, sparked by a passing sound or trend that catches my ear at just the right moment. I’ve realized that both types are valid and essential in my songwriting journey.

In this blog, I want to explore the essence of songwriting inspiration, breaking it down into two distinct parts. Firstly, there’s that undeniable call to write songs – that overwhelming urge that pushes me to pick up my guitar or sit at the piano, pouring my emotions and thoughts into lyrics and melodies. Secondly, there’s the magical spark behind an idea that blossoms into a full-fledged song, revealing its story and emotions layer by layer.

Unleashing the Muse: How Do Songwriters Get Their Inspiration?

Songwriting inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. It can be the weather outside, a quick conversation at the coffee shop, or the way the sky looks as the sun’s about to set when you’re heading home.  

Literally anything.

The most important thing when writing songs is to keep your antenna up. You have to be in the moment. Start carrying a notebook or a note on your phone to jot down different ideas you may come across throughout your day. Keep the antenna up and let the information from the world around you inform your inspiration.

And, of course, you’ll run into roadblocks like anything else. When I run into this or if I’m coming up short with inspiration, I tend to go back to the artists or the songs that initially sparked my interest. 

How often have you listened to a song you haven’t heard in a while and then taken something different from it? It happens all the time to me. Maybe it’s because your life has changed, perhaps it’s because you have changed, but old songs can give you new inspiration.

Another way to get back on track is changing how you begin a song. Have you ever written from a title before? Coming up with a title first can be very helpful and help you keep the inspiration behind an idea on track. You just have to have a strong title that resonates with you.

Also, I’ve tried a tactic called side writing. I employ this to overwrite and fully flesh out any direction a song may go in. Maybe there was a name or place I mentioned in a verse, so I may write a few other verses about that specific thing, developing an entirely new world for the song to exist in. 

This exercise is rarely intended to replace any of the existing lyrics. It helps open your mind a little and leads you to new inspiration. Often, my songwriting side-quests lead to other songs.

Develop Your Powers of Observation

As songwriters, we must learn to be keen observers, attuned to the subtleties and wonders unfolding daily. It is within these seemingly ordinary moments that extraordinary inspiration resides.

When we open our eyes and hearts to the world, we discover a treasure trove of emotions, stories, and human connections waiting to be explored. Everyday experiences become a wellspring of inspiration, sparking melodies and lyrics that resonate with the shared human experience.

From the laughter of children playing in a park to the raindrops dancing on a windowpane, the world speaks in a language only attentive hearts can comprehend. Every interaction, every fleeting emotion, carries the potential to kindle the creative fire within us.

We must cultivate the habit of capturing these fleeting moments to harness this profound gift. A journal, whether a physical notebook or a digital sanctuary, becomes a sacred space to preserve our encounters with the world’s beauty. In its pages, we pour the essence of life, immortalizing the emotions that flicker like stars in the night sky.

But inspiration seldom waits for a convenient moment. It whispers its secrets at the most unexpected times. Hence, we arm ourselves with the tools to seize inspiration on the go. Smartphones become instruments to record voice memos or scribble fragments of ideas, ensuring that no gem is lost to the winds of forgetfulness.

In embracing the power of observation, we discover a profound truth: inspiration is not a distant muse but a constant companion, whispering its magic through the tapestry of existence. So let us unlock the art of observation and, with it, the infinite wellspring of inspiration in the dance of life around us.

Finding Inspiration from Other Artists

Drawing from my experiences, I’ll share how influential songwriters and artists have shaped my path. Icons like Paul Simon, Randy Newman, John Mayer, and others have left an indelible mark on my creative soul. I remember living within their songs, adopting their lyrics as a part of myself, and finding my unique inspiration.

These icons, among others, have become the architects of my creative sanctuary, shaping the foundations upon which my compositions are built. Like a nomad seeking shelter, I lived within their songs, finding solace and kinship within their verses.

Each artist I encountered gifted me with a piece of their artistry, which I’ve blended with my music, creating a canvas reflecting my inner yearnings. This artistic fusion has given birth to melodies that carry my own stories, joys, and sorrows, each note like an intimate conversation with the world.

Regarding finding creative inspiration, I urge you to be mindful of what makes you want to write. Then break it down to figure out why.

Exploring Different Genres and Styles

Stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing new genres offers many benefits. It expands our musical palette, infusing our compositions with fresh colors and flavors. Each genre carries unique storytelling techniques and sonic textures, allowing us to tap into uncharted emotional depths.

When we dare to explore, songwriting inspiration finds us in unexpected places. We find ourselves drawn to melodies we once deemed unfamiliar, and our lyrical expressions adopt newfound depth. Embracing diverse styles challenges our creativity, pushing us to craft melodies that bridge the gaps between genres.

We unveil a world of inspiration transcending boundaries and time by exploring, experimenting, and fearlessly incorporating diverse styles into our creative repertoire.

Develop Your Songwriting Craft: Refining Your Ideas

Once the seeds of inspiration are sown, refining ideas into fully-fledged songs commences – a transformative process that breathes life into the ethereal realms of creativity.

Begin by nurturing your initial inspirations with care. Let them unfold organically, allowing melodies and lyrics to intertwine like vines in a harmonious embrace. Structure your ideas by crafting a compelling narrative arc, guiding listeners on an emotional voyage.

As you sculpt your song’s framework, pay heed to the power of lyrical precision and melodic resonance. Every word should paint a vivid picture. Every note should evoke a heartfelt sentiment. 

Embrace poetic devices, weaving metaphors and similes that add depth and allure.

Yet, this creative journey demands patience and perseverance. Step into the shoes of an editor, carefully refining and pruning your work. Trim the excess, hone the melody, and let the essence of your message shine.

In the crucible of refinement, you’ll uncover the true essence of your song, polished and radiant. Embrace this artistic alchemy; within it lies the power to transmute your initial inspirations into timeless musical masterpieces.

How Did I Find My Own Songwriting Style?

Discovering your unique voice as a songwriter is a journey marked by stages of inspiration and growth. Initially, the songs and songwriters you admire will naturally influence your compositions, leaving traces of their essence in your melodies. It’s like painting with familiar colors, creating art that reflects your inspirations.

For instance, mastering the chords of a song like “Blackbird” might lead you to use similar voicings in your original work, subtly revealing your musical lineage.

With each composition, your songwriting inspiration becomes more finely woven into your creations, harmoniously blending with your evolving artistry. Through this consistent dedication, your authentic voice emerges, an original symphony of emotions and thoughts that sets you apart.

Yet, there’s no shortcut to this creative revelation; it demands embracing the process wholeheartedly and staying open to inspiration’s call. Keep your antenna up, be receptive to the world’s wonders, and immerse yourself in songwriting. While good songs may not manifest overnight, the accumulation of experiences and songs paves the way to genuine masterpieces.

As Paul Simon once shared, his creative path in the mid-1970s required writing countless songs before arriving at his specific approach. Every song added a brushstroke to his artistic canvas, honing his craft and giving rise to a true master. Embrace your songwriting journey with dedication and passion, for within it lies the magic of discovery and the revelation of your unique voice.

Paul Simon performing an unfinished version of “Still Crazy After All These Years” on the Dick Cavett Show. 

The Takeaway

As you embark on your musical journey, remember to keep your antenna up and immerse yourself in the beauty of the world around you. Allow your experiences and emotions to infuse melodies and lyrics, revealing your unique voice.

This is where songwriting inspiration comes from.

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