Shane teaches guitar, songwriting, music theory/ear training, mandolin and ukulele in Nashville and online. Shane is also the founder and owner of Green Hills Guitar Studio.

Shane’s teaching philosophy:

“I believe what is unique about Green Hills Guitar Studio is the teaching philosophy I have developed over my life as a guitar student, professional musician, and 30 years as a guitar instructor. I call it “being in the process.” It has a flow. Even for beginning students, there is a linear approach based upon immediate application. It’s important to experience an immediate connection to the music. It’s about the music revealing what needs to be worked on and practiced to be successful. This includes everything from music theory to technique.

Another unique factor is my teaching method is influenced by my roles as a guitarist AND a songwriter. I teach a lot of songwriters how to play guitar and how to apply music theory to their writing and instrument. So the lessons are designed to help them be in their process. I have had a lot of students come to me that have been really frustrated taking lessons from a guitar teacher that doesn’t write. This experience goes the other way as well. A guitarist really needs to understand their role in an arrangement and performance. Hence, their own process.”

Amanda Broadway Band, live at Analog Room. Nashville, TN.

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Shane Lamb with Danocaster guitar recording at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville