Online Intro to Songwriting Workshop w Shane Lamb


4 Week online songwriting course.


Cost: $120.00 (plus cc fees)
Spots available: 15
Class day & time: Wed, 4-5 PM, CT, starting, Sept 2.

Class Information

We will meet for 60 minutes each week for 4 weeks. Each meeting will be recorded and converted to an mp4 movie so if you miss a session or review, you can catch up with the group. Please make time to come to each of the sessions, as that will give you the ability to ask questions. 
Writing and creating isn’t just something that magically happens to those that “have it.” It is a process that is studied and learned. This class is for people interested in songwriting but don’t quite know where or how to start. Having some experience playing an instrument or singing is a plus, but definitely not required.
We will talk about the process of creating and writing melodies, chord progressions and lyrics. We will study songs written by others for their style, form & structure, melody, arrangement and harmony.

What you will learn and take away from this class:

  • an understanding of how songs are written
  • an ability to engage in active listening vs just noticing as a song or piece of music goes by
  • the ability to identify the different sections of a song and HOW THEY FUNCTION
  • the ability to identify specific devices and tools used to write songs stylistic to pop, country, folk, blues, and others