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Songwriting Techniques: How to Keep Your Songs Fresh and Interesting

Are you tired of hearing the same old thing every time you sit down to write a new song? Do your songs all sound the same? Or are you feeling the urge to dive deeper into the complexities of chordal arrangements and melodies? If that’s you, here are a few songwriting techniques to help keep your songs engaging for the listener and you.

I’ve run into a few down periods in my songwriting. Periods where I’ve been frustrated with my output. I wanted to hear something new and fresh that I hadn’t heard before. But all I kept getting were the same rhythms on guitar or the same chord voicings. Other times, it’s even the same old idea for the song, context, or song form. 

My approach is pretty simple when it comes to starting a new song, and at the very most, I will write from a title or a guitar part that I’ve come up with. Those excellent songwriting techniques have served me well over the years, but sometimes, I’ve had to ditch that and opt for musical experimentation.

The Importance of Freshness in Songwriting

Songwriting is an art that thrives on creativity and originality. While there’s undoubtedly a place for familiar song structures and melodies, it’s equally crucial for songwriters to venture beyond the boundaries of formulaic and repetitive writing.

Breaking away from the predictability of formulaic songwriting can help you get out of a creative rut and can even captivate listeners. Audiences inundated songs yearn for something unique and unexpected. 

When a song surprises with inventive melodies, evocative lyrics, or innovative arrangements, it stands out amid the noise. Freshness breeds intrigue and curiosity, drawing listeners in and keeping them engaged.

Tips for Writing Memorable Songs

Crafting a compelling song requires combining creativity, structure, and emotion. Songwriters employ a myriad of techniques to bring their musical visions to life, from crafting memorable hooks and captivating lyrics to experimenting with chord progressions and song structures. 

Whether drawing inspiration from personal experiences or exploring universal themes, songwriters harness the power of words and music to create timeless pieces of art. 

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of songwriting techniques, unraveling the secrets behind crafting unforgettable songs. Here are three actionable songwriting techniques to get the most out of your writing sessions:

1. Get Inspired with Object Writing

Object writing is a great way to come up with a seed of an idea for a song that might have been living just below the surface. To start with object writing, I take ten minutes at the beginning of my songwriting session and pick out a single object to write about. The thing can be in the room, or wherever you are, or not. 

Begin by describing the object, and then let your mind take you anywhere and everywhere. Are memories evoked? What emotions are stirring? What is the sunlight like? Don’t hesitate or start editing during this process. Just keep writing. 

My object writing rarely makes any sense. I often jump from one feeling or memory to the next. Just be descriptive, and when the ten minutes are up, see if anything intrigues you.

2. Explore Unconventional Song Structures

In my experience, I’ve discovered that when inspiration starts feeling lackluster, it’s often because my song structures have fallen into a monotonous pattern. More often than not, I’ve noticed that the structures of my recent songs mirror one another, leading to stagnation and creative fatigue.

So, how do you break free from this cycle? 

Try embracing unconventional song structures. Experiment with a verse-refrain approach if you’re stuck in the verse-chorus loop. If lyrical bridges have become your comfort zone, explore instrumental sections. The possibilities are boundless.

One exemplary song that defies traditional structure is “Regarding Your Lover” by Foy Vance. It eschews a repetitive chorus or lyrics, yet it remains profoundly captivating, with every word etched in memory.

It’s a testament to the boundless creativity that arises when music, lyrics, and performance merge into a harmonious whole, defying the constraints of conventional forms while effortlessly maintaining listener intrigue.

3. Collaborate with Other Songwriters, Producers, and Artists

Another great songwriting technique is to collaborate with other artists and musicians. Is there someone in your circle of musician friends who is a killer bridge writer? Write with them, and see how they do it. You’ll walk away with so much more than a new song. 

And, say there’s another songwriter who writes using complex chords. Set up a session and have them show you some of their favorite chords. Just go where your ear and interests take you. 

In collaboration, the possibilities are as limitless as the collective imagination of those involved. It’s a pathway to crafting exceptional music, expanding your artistic horizons, and forging meaningful connections within the vibrant tapestry of the music community.

Evolving as a Musician to Elevate Your Songwriting

Finding fulfillment as a songwriter involves embracing diverse techniques to breathe new life into your work. While there are countless strategies to ignite your creative spark, here are a few that can be particularly impactful:

1. Find Your Groove

Experimenting with rhythm and groove can inject a fresh and dynamic energy into your compositions. Feel free to explore unconventional time signatures or syncopated beats to add an exciting twist to your songs.

2. Seek Feedback from Peers and Listeners

Seeking input from fellow songwriters and avid music enthusiasts can be invaluable. Constructive criticism and fresh perspectives can help you refine your songs, uncover blind spots, and gain valuable insights into what resonates with your audience.

3. Aim to Create an Emotional Connection

Crafting catchy and easy-to-sing melodies can forge a deeper emotional bond with your listeners. Pairing these melodies with relatable, authentic lyrics can create a powerful connection long after the music ends.

As you evolve as a musician, it’s crucial to assemble a toolkit filled with these and other creative techniques to navigate the inevitable creative slumps. Each of these approaches has the potential to revitalize your songwriting journey, offering new perspectives and avenues for expression.

The Coda

Remember, the art of songwriting is a continually evolving process, and there is no shortage of tools to help you overcome challenges and invigorate your music. These strategies have proven invaluable to me and will serve as valuable companions on your musical journey.

As you embark on your journey to enhance your songwriting skills, remember that the road to musical mastery is rewarding and filled with endless possibilities for creativity and growth. 

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