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Beginning Blues & Rock Guitar 1 Workshop

“There’s only two kinds of music: the blues and zippety doo-dah.”-Townes Van Zandt

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the Three Kings

This workshop is open to all ages and skill levels. It will start from ground zero and build from there, focusing on blues guitar skills. But don’t let that fool you. The musical information learned from blues and rock is used in modern guitar styles as well. This is why a basic understanding of scales, lead and rhythm techniques, chords and chord progressions is so important! If you have played guitar in the past, had some lessons and need a refresher or you are starting from scratch, this is the class for you!

All handouts and music will be provided.

What we will cover:

  • The basics and foundation for beginning blues rhythm guitar and lead guitar, focused mainly in the open position
  • How to read chord & scale diagrams
  • How to read guitar tablature
  • Blues guitar riffs and rhythms
  • Blues guitar licks and learning to improvise
  • The minor and major Pentatonic scales
  • The blues scale
  • Classic blues guitar turnarounds
  • How to bend and what pitches you can bend to
  • Vibrato
  • Alternate picking and picking exercises to build strength, coordination and independence
  • Finger style guitar
  • Learning the note and fretboard names in the open position
  • Basic rhythms, time signatures and notation
  • Swung vs. Straight feel
  • Beginning comping
  • Right and left hand muting techniques
  • Beginning chord and scale theory and construction
  • 12 bar blues form and progressions
  • Shuffle rhythms using single note riffs and chords
  • 1-4-5 chords in multiple keys
  • Lead patterns and exercises to start learning the building blocks and cellular ideas for solo construction, licks and improvisation
  • Different slurs commonly utilized in blues, such as hammer ons, pull offs slides and bends
  • Learning to play by ear, jam with your friends and to your favorite songs and recordings
  • Starting to build a repertoire by learning songs by Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Jimmy Reed, John Lee Hooker and many others

Marcus King