Online Drum Workshop: Survey of Drum Rudiments for Beginning to Intermediate Drummers with Nate Felty


Drum sticks on snare drum head.In this all-ages course, you’ll learn 26 rudiments of drumming and variations.

Cost: $180 (plus fees)
Time: Wednesdays: 1pm – 2pm, CT
Duration: 60 mins/week for 6 weeks. Class begins Wed, Sept. 2
Total spots available: 12
Age Range: unlimited

Course Description:

In this course, you will learn 26 of the fundamental drumming rudiments. In addition, you will learn variations within each of these rudiments as well as the necessary techniques for optimal performance. We will meet for 60 minutes each week for 6 weeks. Each meeting will be recorded and converted to an mp4 movie so if you miss a session or review, you can catch up with the group. Please make time to come to each of the sessions, as that will give you the ability to ask questions. 

Materials Needed:

– snare drum (or rubber practice pad)
– pair of drum sticks
– pencil & notebook paper
– metronome (or metronome app on phone)

Course Objectives:

In 6 weeks, you will have understanding and be able to perform the 26 fundamental rudiments for drumming. In addition, you will learn applicable variations for each one and hone in on your technique. Your  time keeping will improve and you’ll begin to develop a permanent catalogue of rudimental drumming knowledge.