Nashville Music Instructors

Music Lessons Nashville, TN
Green Hills Guitar Studio offers guitar, voice, and songwriting lessons with practicing Nashville performers. These music instructors in Nashville have over 50 combined years of experience in performance.  Shane, Sam, Adam, Kent, Patrick and Maureen help students learn acoustic & electric guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, voice, and other instruments for performance and for fun.
  • Shane Lamb teaches guitar, songwriting, music theory, and ear training for beginner to advanced guitar students in Nashville and online.
  • Sam Farkas teaches guitar, ukulele, songwriting, music theory, and ear training for beginner to intermediate guitar students in Nashville.
  • Adam Davis teaches guitar, ukulele, ear training & music theory
  • Kent Toalson teaches piano to music learners of all ages and ability levels in Nashville.
  • Nate Felty teaches drums & percussion.
  • Maureen Murphy teaches voice & vocal performance
  • Patrick Atwater teaches upright bass and electric bass guitar for many genres, studio work, and professional performance.


music instructors in nashville

Students at Nashville’s Green Hills Guitar Studio receive personalized and private guitar lessons that are tailored to their specific needs and musical interests. Topics of instruction include:

  • Electric and Acoustic Guitar for all ages & levels of experience
  • Preparation for recitals, contests, or music school auditions
  • Rock/Blues/Country Guitar Styles
  • Advanced Lead and Rhythm Guitar
  • The CAGED Guitar System
  • Nashville Style Guitar
  • Bass, Mandolin and Piano
  • Song analysis and writing: lyric, melodic, harmonic, form & structure
  • Picking technique
  • Chords, strum patterns and Rhythm Guitar
  • Scales and Improvisation
  • Sight reading and notation
  • Ear Training
  • Nashville Number System/Music Theory
  • Fingerpicking
  • Slide Guitar
  • Open Tunings/Alternate tunings
  • Classical Guitar
  • Songs and Repertoire
  • Recording, arranging and performance techniques and preparation

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