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Maureen Murphy Joins Green Hills Guitar Studio

Maureen Murphy onstage in a large outdoor stadium.

I am really proud and excited to announce that Maureen Murphy is joining Green Hills Guitar Studio as our new vocal instructor! Like everyone else in Nashville, I knew of and heard of Maureen before working with her. Maureen is known for being very versatile, professional and passionate about the music she is involved in. Whether it’s live or in the recording studio, Maureen is always a first call for Nashville’s producers and artists.

I have been fortunate to work with Maureen over the last few years in the recording studio on several projects. Recently, we have been performing live with the Amanda Broadway Band. When we spoke a few months ago at a rehearsal about her teaching voice lessons at Green Hills Guitar Studio, it was a no brainer for me. Along with a commitment of providing top quality and professional music lessons to our students, having the heart of a teacher and a deep care for people and their growth is very important to me.

Maureen is a very versatile and experienced vocalist and vocal coach. While on tour with the Zac Brown Band as a background vocalist along with Jason Eskridge, Maureen was responsible with contracting, arranging and performing with a local choir in every city they performed. Maureen’s passion for sharing music with others and helping them find and nurture their own voice is not only apparent on stage or in the studio but also in her work with her students in vocal lessons.

One of Maureen’s most influential experiences was being a part of the gospel choir at Berklee College of Music directed by Dennis Montgomery III. She worked with vocalists and musicians from all over the world. The music and absorption of the rich and diverse music became a life changing force. The depth of this study became part of her approach to life, performance and voice coaching.

Maureen has sung, performed and recorded just about every style of music. She believes her students should study and perform numerous styles to not only help them grow as vocalists but also to prepare them for work as a professionals. The necessity to handle any situation in the studio or live performance is a skill Maureen has developed over years of being a professional vocalist.

In 2015, Maureen finally got to see her biggest vocal influence, Lisa Fisher, perform live. Lisa’s ability as one of the most in demand background vocalists in the world (25 has with the Rolling Stones!) coupled with her ability to be a front woman with her own authentic voice and approach to cover songs. Her presence, versatility and ease on stage, whether in a supportive role as a backup singer or out front as the lead, has been a powerful influence on Maureen.

Along with all of the experience and professionalism, I am happy to have Maureen teaching voice with us because she cares for people. Music has long been an important part of her life and she loves the opportunity to share in that experience with others. Maureen is always excited and passionate about helping singers find their own voice, grow as singers and musicians and work toward their own goals and aspirations.

Maureen has a handful of open spots available now. Give us a call and get signed up today!

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